La Union: Thunderbird

Went to La Union for the long weekend. The trip was very painful to the arse, I just can't wait to stand again. Anyway after 7 hours of travelling, we've finally arrived!. After resting for few hours, we immediately roam around La Union because we were that excited lol. First Destination was Thunderbird Resort, we did not checked in but we just visited the resort. I realized that this place was the resort where "No Other Woman" was shot but was only named "Costa Luz" and this was also the place were John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles got married (lol showbizzz). The place is really beautiful. Unfortunately, I brought my cam uncharged so I do not have that much photos.
We came on a good timing, a wedding will take place. 
My mom and aunt.
My cousins. 

The place reminds me of Santorini, an island in Greece. Google Santorini and you can see similar structures and design. I think the place was Greece-inspired. Really awesome. I recommend you to visit Thunderbird resort whenever you had the chance to visit La Union.

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