MEG up&coming party series: Fashion Bloggers Night

Had the chance to attend the event that happened last Friday, November 25! I won't be able to attend the event if it wasn't for my best bud Zedrik, thank you so much for this opportunity! Okay, let's start! (WARNING! A lot of photos ahead)

This is my first event to ever go to since that back in Riyadh, there is nothing like this, they are kind of strict regarding these kinds of things. Anyway, the moment I stepped inside, I was caught in the moment..

Meet Kat, I was with her and Zed throughout the night. (I just want to mention Cris Panes for her make-up! Go Cris). I love what Kat wore, that polka-dot patterned dress was glowing in the dark because of the blacklight.

This is Zed, he's the one who invited me in the event! I also like what he's wearing, laidback + the bowtie that completed the smart-casual look. This is quite an essential look, Shirt + Jeans + good pair of loafers = perfect; bowties for a smart yet casual look.

(Totally awkward pose :D)
I wore a brown shirt from Topman, skinny pants from H&M, socks from Topman, boots from Dr. Martens, accessories from Topman accessories and watch from Swatch.   
(thanks Kat for the photo)


Thanks for the awesome beats DJ!

Can't get over, they're all so pretty. Even prettier in person. Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Lissa Kahayon

Ms. Sari Yap.

Hi Kryz Uy! Brb, melting... Fashion Bloggers, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Lissa Kahayon and Camille Co.

Hi Bianca Gonzales! I can't believe that I met you. So gorgeous.

Tracy Ayson of

Embarrassing moment, trying to take a picture of them while my lens is covered. Happens all the time.

Happy kid! (thanks Kat for the photo)

(photo by Kat)

After the event, we went straight to Wendy's to chill for a bit before going home. I was outside when I took this photo because it was freaking cold inside.

While I was outside, I encountered this kid, he was playing by dragging the box all over the ground. I think he stopped so that I can get a photo of him. lol how cute.

Had a blast. Thank you MEG!
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  1. HOMAYYGADD! Laureen Uy & Camille Co. *drooling* ♥

  2. The little boy is my favorite. So adorable <3 :)

  3. @PV they're much prettier in person =D

  4. wow, you guys look great! :) hope to see and meet you naman on Meg's future event :D