In my younger years until now, I really enjoy making short films or any videos and also the process is always the best, you learn a lot of new things and it exercises how you put your vision to reality. Film-making is my 2nd choice when I applied in CSB, and MMA was 1st.

I would like you to watch my ever first school-related film. Originally, this was about translating an English song to Filipino(pagsasalinwika) but for blogging purposes, I changed the music. Even though this is not that good enough, I am open to any constructive criticism for improvement. My group and I put a lot of effort into this so I hope you guys will appreciate this. I forgot to remove that DPtv watermark since I deleted the orginal project file, but it's okay. There will be more of this soon.

So okay, about the film; the film was directed by my good friend, Andrea Diaz who is also a very good singer. There is this couple, the guy (Zedrik Tandoc) who loves her girlfriend truly while the girl (Nicole Indiana) who loves the guy at the first start of their relationship but unfortunately, through time, she lost interest and most probably lost her feelings for the guy. As the guy tries to bring back their love, the girl shows the guy how uninterested she is and has made her slap him. The guy, depressed, disappointed and probably hopeless, tries to forgot the girl through drinking and deleting the memories left from their relationship.

Thanks to:
Nicole Indiana
Francesca Gonzales
Allen Moslares

Reflections by Todd Hannigan

Film by Tristan Flores

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