Thursday hangout with friends! 2011-11-10

Last Thursday, our last day of school for the week, my friends and I went to Robinsons Manila during our break. It was so much fun yet sad for me because mom left the country on that day too. Anyways here are the pictures to document that fun day:

Meet my friends; Awie, Jo and Clare (L-R).

Feeling the Christmas spirit already at Robinsons Place Manila. A very beautiful and really tall Christmas tree.

It's like my first time to experience Christmas here in the Philippines; I was like 1 upto 3 years old when I was celebrating Christmas here in the Philippines but then my sister and I, when we were still small, moved to Riyadh where Christmas is not that celebrated. We only go to the Philippines during Summer.

@ Timezone

We kind of went crazy with the photobooth. lol

The cutest couple ever! mama Cheng and papa KJ! 

Jo and Awie after a battle of Dance Revo!

While they're busy playing Dance Revo, I played this. I felt stupid spending all of my piso coins for this, I didn't even get anything back lol. It's very tempting to play this but srsly don't play it, you'll get the hang of it and will make you spend every coins you have, unless you're super rich and have nothing to spend to anymore lol.

It's their turn now.

oh lol, thanks Awie for the shot! :)

Went to Pancake House for lunch.

Lol, feelin' the gangstah vibe.

Stolen shot taken by Clare. thanks =)
Then went back to school.

That day was also their monthsary. How sweet... :D

Great faux laugh. =))

And that's all. Have a nice day everyone.

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