Bloggers United 2!!!!

That day was so stressful, we had a shoot for one of our subject in school; after the shoot we rushed to Treston International College for the event and we arrived late, like everyone's already exhausted and just few stuffs left for the bloggers to sell. Anyway, I still had fun meeting the bloggers! Here are some pictures to document the event:

I believe this is JP Singson's ( awesome accessories. Too bad I didn't had the chance to take a photo of him.

Seph Cham & Shai Lagarde ( They're such a cute couple and I bought a shirt from them, I love it! :)

Tracy Ayson ( She's so cute and I like her style; and she has a beautiful voice, she sang at the event. She's so good :)

OS accessories (

Paul Jatayna ( It's so cool that I finally saw his signature smile in person.

Aisa Ipac ( and Tracy Ayson ( Can I just say that Aisa is very accomodating and she's really fun to be with! :D

Nicole Puentevella of Soulephenomenon! I love her hair :)

After the event, we went straight to Starbucks, Boni High Street to chill and to complete my stickers! I'll get the planner tomorrow! :D

I was about to change after the shoot but we were worried about arriving late at the event though eventually we did arrived late. (So I wore a graphic tee from SM dep't store, shorts from H&M, vintage sandals, leather bracelet from SM accessories, stud bracelet from Topman, watch from Swatch, baller hat from Adidas and bag from Penshoppe.) *my outfit doesn't really match the event but at least I'm comfortable and I had fun!*