Dr. Martens store opening at The Fort Strip!

Hello guys! I attended the store opening of Dr. Martens at The Fort Strip. 1pm and it was raining cats and dogs, so we have doubts if we were still going to continue but because for the sake of the opportunity, we just ignored the crazy weather and just had fun!

Look how cold it is inside. :)

I love the concept of the store. It perfectly suits the vibe of Dr. Martens. If you want to check out their store, just go at The Plaza at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City!!! :D

Tine Lao (http://wanderinginstyle.blogspot.com/) is so friendly; we had a small chat and she is really cool! :)

Dr. Martens on the shoes detail:
I am attracted to shoes with tassels right now I do't know why. Just like this shoe! :)

Tassels + Fringe, nice one! :)

These are just... I can't even... haha lol. I love these brogues! :D

Just like my 1460s but in different colors and style; I'm thinking of collecting a 1460s? (My favorite is the one in the middle)

What everybody wants, It's actually pretty. :D

Again with the Tassels and Fringe, lovely! :)


Tine Lao's 1460s

Dana, her floral DMs is really cute but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to take a photo of it! 

So there you had a little sneak peak of the store now it is time for you to see it with your own eyes! Go visit the Dr. Martens store at The Plaza, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City!


  1. hi super like it :) just wanna ask the price range specially those vintage 1460, 1940,& 1914? {for women} I hope Made in England lahat ng DM shoes nila... please reply :) tnx

  2. @Anonymous Thank you!

    @Anonymous Thank you!

    @Anonymous Hi, I'm not that sure though but anyway I think you can ask them on their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DrMartensPH)or best, visit their store at The Fort Strip so you can check them out personally! Have a nice day and Merry Christmas

  3. Wish I was there with you guys haha

  4. @Geloyellow I wish you were there too, it was fun yet exhausting ahhaha. we got home like 2am already..

  5. I Love to visit their store but I'm residing in Cebu City :(
    Thanks for the reply & DM FB Page Tristan Merry Christmas to you also :) God Bless...

  6. aww, don't worry, maybe someday they'll put up a store there in Cebu!! God Bless :)

  7. any contact number?

  8. You can contact them through facebook (http://www.facebook.com/DrMartensPH) or twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/DrMartensPH) Thank you! =)

  9. aka Grinders! Cool. Thanks for the info!

  10. Good morning! Can you please email you telephone no. at Fort Strip. Thank you.

    1. Their no. i got from their facebook is: (02) 869 9836 or open: https://www.facebook.com/DrMartensPH! Thank you :D