Enchanted Kingdom!!

Last Saturday, me and my friends went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate the first day of the term-break.

"Inside the bus." We took a bus going to Sta. Rosa, Laguna where Enchanted Kingdom is located.

"Breakfast at Jollibee." After arriving, we went to Jollibee for breakfast. One of my embarrassing moment happened that time; I was next in line and the cashier asked me for my order and then I said "ugh McSaver meal please" with out a doubt, I kept repeating it over and over again; then the cashier told me with an unidentified facial expression "Sir, this is Jollibee..." then I just laughed my embarrassment out. That's life... 

"Group photo outside" After the meal, we went straight to Enchanted Kingdom but first we need to get a "lot" of photos before getting inside. (Ynno, Katrina P., Andrea, Katrina A., Cris, Chikki and me)

"Group photo inside" After getting in, of course, we still need to get a lot of photos lol. There's Jo (between Kat P and Andrea). After this photo, we immediately went to "Space Shuttle", the most famous roller-coaster ride at Enchanted Kingdom, being our first ridden ride. It's actually a very good idea to go to Enchanted Kingdom early since that there are only few people and the lines in each rides are short, we even rode Rio Grande twice with out leaving our seats haha that's why we (some of us) were totally wet!

"Jungle Log Jam" Cris, Kat, Chikki and Jo smiled at the camera before the ride takes off.

"After the big splash"

"nag-yYNNOte" nag-eemote? nag-yynote? his name is Ynno and he is emoting? don't get it? then I'm lame lol =))

"Souvenir bracelets"

"Kat and Cris posing with the big head"

"Random cute baby"

"Santa and his wireless reindeer" k.

"Another group photo" but with Zed! Zed finally arrived after we have ridden almost all the rides"

"Ferris Wheel"

"The choir"

"nuks naman"

"this awesome cotton candy" Why does food taste better when it's not yours lol.

"Katrina Pascual"

"Cris Panes"

"Jo Arellano"

"Show me your tongue"

"Bright and sunny until...." The weather is actually fine with only slight rains but when it's finally our turn to ride "Flying Fiesta", it fkn rained so hard! I don't know why but I kinda liked it, very dramatic and cinematic, was like "fuck it we're young" hahaha.

"Already wet why not play with it" So yeah we played in the rain haha, took pictures and such! So much fun...

"Ina Gonzales"

"Andrea Diaz" 

"Katrina Alcazar"

--- Since it rained so hard, we were forced to keep our things including our cameras in a locker, so unfortunately I was not able to take a lot of photos, too bad. ---

Only had the chance to get a picture when we rode the Ferris Wheel. We left after this.

"I had one of the best moments of my life, well spent with real friends!"


keep in touch!

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