Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2011/2012 + Coco Rocha

"Fashion Illustration"

(The model was supposed to be Coco Rocha, but then I thought it doesn't look like her; but anyway Coco Rocha in different style perhaps .)
by: Tristan Flores

Well actually, Coco Rocha wore Louis Vuitton for ELLE:
photo from http://forums.thefashionspot.com
Photographed by Mathia Vriens-McGrath; styled by Anne-Marie Curtis 

Here is the actual look:
photo from http://www.vogue.it


  1. I loved the collection! It was my season favourite.

    Best, Jenny


  2. I love it too. My favorite as well. I fell in love with it that I have just to make an art featuring one of the looks.

    Thanks for dropping by ;)