"Hi! I'm so excited to be back, blogging! I'm sorry if I haven't posted anything for months; a lot happened last term in school, so much hassle that I didn't had the time to draft posts and I spent the summer in Saudi Arabia, reunited with my parents. So, here I am, trying to blog my daily life once again; I hope for the consistency of my blog and I'll try to update it at least three times a week."

So shall we start? Here's what I wore to the Blogger's United Summer Bazaar '12 which I'm about to post after. Basically went for a comfortable and weather-conscious outfit. Since the rainy season has come, I have to be ready for the weather and at the same time, feel comfortable and look stylish.

Isn't it just great how aztec prints and denim look good together?



Doing the "there is something in the sky; I'm distracted." pose. HAHA

Topman  polo shirt
H&M denim shirt
Topman tote bag
H&M skinny pants
Dr. Martens 3989 brogue shoes

Thanks for the photo Zed! Post processing by me.

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