Finally found the time to draft some posts! Hi guys! What's up? Here in Manila, the weather kind of sucks, it is so bipolar, raining so hard in the morning then after a while, the sun is up and ready to toast  then it'll rain a bit again and the sun is up again. So this is what I wore to an interview I attended about an organization I applied in our school "only"; It was actually on Friday, i don't know why i entitled it Monday, i thought it sounded good but then i realized that it doesn't make any difference. So back to what I'm supposed to say, It is important to look decent and clean during these kinds of events (interview, conference, etc.); well, it still depends on the occasion, but with this kind of event, it is an essential. I believe in the saying "First impressions lasts", and doing an interview with the people I don't even know, is a chance to show and express myself without even using verbal communications in the first place. I want them to think that I am serious and determined to do the interview with them, so i dressed up a bit seriously but not overdressed since this is not a major interview, well of course in a real interview, you should wear the required attire for it. This can also be applied to schools that does not actually require uniforms, usually colleges; It is important to dress uniquely yet proper so that the professors/instructor can easily remember you and so you can be easily differentiated with the others. So what do you guys think?


H&M sweater
BENCH chinos
TOPMAN weave belt



  1. That is what you wore to an interview? Kung ako employer mo I wouldn't take you seriously. Nagsuot ka sana ng top na may collar, that would have made your look interview-worthy/ready.

  2. woah woah, chill bro! This is not the employer-kind of interview, it's just an org in our school that I've applied to, and believe it or not, it's not that serious at all than what I've expected of an interview, it went better than what I've expected. It was really fun and wasn't serious at all. Ofcourse, i wouldn't wear something like this at a REAL interview with the employers and shiz, i would wear something more corporate yet casual. Chill lang. Thanks =))

  3. Oh my golly! I envy your topsiders. :(( But I really like your outfit! It fits the bipolar weather in MNL. --PV

    1. Thank you PV! Thanks for dropping by! =D