What's up guys? It's Monday once again, back to school after a week of class suspension due to the very bad weather here in the Philippines. I'm glad it's over. Anyway, after weeks of no Fashion Mondays due to our hectic schedule and bipolar weather, we are glad to be doing this again. We've missed doing this, to be honest and it just feels so great. Anyway, stay tuned for the comeback of Fashion Mondays, it'll be posted within this week. We really did prepare for it; actually the theme was Back-to-School.

Behind all the stress and hassle I am experiencing as a college student, I always try to think about what to wear everyday to school since I believe it can be a big motivator in achieving or accomplishing something (naks). After a week of no classes, going back to school is something to look forward to. So this is what I wore:
I wore a white printed polo shirt I got from UNIQLO (which is located at the Mall of Asia). I love that store; I am really glad that they opened a store here in the Philippines! You guys should check it out; I swear, you'll definitely fall in love with their amazing pieces!
Pants from H&M. (One of my favorite brands, I hope they'll open a store here in the Philippines too!:)
Shoes from Dr. Martens. One word, Effortless.
Watch from SWATCH
Then to add interest to the look, I wore a denim jacket with a hood I got from New Look. Tip: Before deciding on adding something to a look, make sure that it compliments the whole look and does not break or distract the style you are going for. 

UNIQLO white printed polo shirt
NEW LOOK denim jacket with a hood
H&M skinny pants
SWATCH watch

What do you guys think? (Follow me on twitter: @trisflores!)


  1. your denim jacket is really cool. it's a must have item!

    1. Thank you! I know it is really essential! =D

  2. uniqlo es a nice shop
    simple an stilish clothes

    nice shirt

    1. I agree, Uniqlo is really a nice shop! Thank you! :)

  3. Hey! nice blog :) follow each other?

  4. Lovely' the outfits!! i like your shrits, boots also so cute (: