RETRO patterned cardigan | FOREVER 21 plain gray shirt
ZARA pants | SPERRY TOP-SIDER boat shoes
I'm sorry for not updating my blog that much. I flew to Taiwan last Thursday, and we were there till Sunday. Anyway, this is what I wore to our flight going to Taiwan. As you'll notice, like my other looks, I prefer to dress up easy, simple and clean; but of course i always tend to become stylish at the same time. We all know the power of mixing and matching clothes, it's like cooking, with the right ingredients and a mix of your personal style, you'll create the perfect dish; so even with the most basic clothes, if you do the mix-and-match correctly, you'll create the perfect look. In this look, I wore a plain gray shirt I got from Forever 21, pants from ZARA and shoes from SPERRY TOP-SIDER; then to add a little spice to the look, I wore a patterned cardigan I got from Retro. Now, my look doesn't seem too much simple, with just a patterned cardigan, it transformed my safe-plain look into a stylish yet comfortable one. *tip: When traveling, it's always about the comfort. No matter how fashown you are, but if your clothes are killing you then it'll ruin  the whole point of travelling.

What do you think?


  1. I agree-less is always more, but you still have to mind what looks good with what.

    I happen to like your basic look here- the subtle details are always a winner for me ^.~

    Very dapper<3


  2. the cardigan it's lovely
    i don't mind have one of them